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Emanuela Grasso

I am a very detail oriented person, and what struck me the most was the organisation and completeness of the material the professors promptly provided before each lesson to help us follow better.

This material was even more effective if paired with Futura, the platform that allows you to practice even from the phone and away from home at any time

Sonia D'Andrea

I already had strong knowledge on the subjects of the test but I was never able to give my best in test simulations.

Thanks to the very knowledgable teachers, the incredible platform and the excellent handouts provided during the course, I was able to feel completely ready and to score very high scores in simulations and on the test!

Irene Beccatini

Clear and very specific lessons for a 360° preparation, both tutors and professors are constantly available! Highly recommend for anyone who wants to attempt standardized tests!

Alice Sodani

Professors are highly qualified and the tutors guarantee continuous assistance not leaving you alone during your preparation.

Being followed and above all guided by expert hands during a crucial passage of my life has reassured and allowed me to study efficiently without getting discouraged or afraid of not being able to do achieve my dream.

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